Book-keeping Service in Bournemouth and Christchurch - From £70 a month

MAAP is a licensed firm of SME accountants based near Tuckton Bridge. We are focused on providing an efficient and low-cost book-keeping service to businesses of all sizes operating in the Bournemouth and Christchurch area.

Most of our clients pay between £70 and £110 a month depending on the number of transactions we have to process. For this fee they not only benefit from being relieved of all of the tedious work associated with keeping accounting records to the standards now being enforced by the HMRC … we also include the year end preparation of the annual accounts and personal and business tax submissions to the HMRC and Companies House.

The Client: All you have to do is …

It really couldn´t be simpler for our smaller clients. All they are asked to do is file their sales and supplier invoices as they go, annotated with details of how the amounts due are settled or paid.

You keep copies of the bank statement for us, and provide notes to explain any unusual receipts of payments. If you operate a payroll, you just tell us how much to pay the staff each month and tell us about any joiners or leavers. We deal with all the new RTI reporting requirements. If you operate CIS, we look after all the admin paperwork for that too.

MAAP: What we do …

We collect the files and bank statements each quarter and write up the accounts, dealing with any payroll, VAT or CIS returns as needed as we go.

For larger businesses we visit the client´s premises and post up the books in situ using their own accounting software (Sage, TAS, etc).

By the time we reach the end of the accounting year, most of the books have already been written up in preparation for the production of the year end financial statements and tax returns.

If you are looking for a low cost book-keeping and professional accounting service, where the principals care about giving a reliable and first class service, then we look forward to speaking to you when you call 01202 482121.

Client Case Studies

It is important to match your needs with an accounting firm that has experience of dealing professionally with your sector.

Match one of the client profiles below, and you will know we can deliver the service you need at the fee level stated.

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