Accounting Services for Clubs and Associations in Bournemouth and Christchurch

MAAP has acted for many different types of clubs and associations over the years ranging from sailing clubs, martial art schools and bowling associations.

It is important to distinguish between the accounting and taxation functions of running a club or association.

The members will expect the ruling committee to exercise a high standard of care in accounting for the way their money is spent. I have attended many an AGM where where the reading of the Income and Expenditure statement leads on to a lively debate.

What many clubs and associations often don’t realise, is that under current legislation if your organisation generate more than a £1,000 surplus in a year you should make a CT600 report to the HMRC under Corporation Tax rules each year.

Even if your surplus is much less than the £1,000 a year surplus, we still recommend you declare your existence to the HMRC. They will often acknowledge your existence but treat you as a dormant company in their system which requires no filing of annual accounst and tax returns. It is better to declare yourself first rather than be discovered by the HMRC and have to explain your situation under an open HMRC tax evasion enquiry.

With regards clubs and associations with surpluses over £1,000 a year you have two choices:

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