Emergency Interim Accounting Staff Cover Day Rate: £300

Need temporary accounting staff cover?

We have a specialist team who are able to drop what they are doing at a moment´s notice and step into the breach for a client who has developed a sudden, sometimes desperate, need for an experienced accountant and/or accounts office staff member to jump in and hit the ground running.

We have undertaken a very diverse range of temporary accounting and interim management assignments, stepping in to cover the sudden absence of directors, key senior managers, or accounts office staff caused through bereavement, sickness, unexpected resignations or dismissals.

Past assignments include running night clubs, restaurants, hotels, meat processing companies, light manufactures, housing association voids restoration management, aircraft maintenance, marketing agencies, solicitors, and the odd courier company. We have also undertaken care-taking management roles for businesses that have fallen under the control of insolvency firms until such time as new owners can be found to take them over.

We can quickly adapt to working with any office procedures we meet, and we know enough not to suggest any changes, unless that is on the brief for us to do.

Our staff are seasoned operators who appreciate the peculiar demands that will be placed upon them whilst undertaking this kind of temporary assignment. They appreciate that sometimes they will be expected to take the lead. On other occasions they understand they will just need to keep their heads down and remain focused on getting the assigned task done and dusted.

We operate on a simple, no notice daily contract rate of £300, plus traveling and overnight expenses when appropriate. If you want us back the next day, we will be there. Call us on 01202 482121 to see how we can help.

Client Case Studies

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