Fees - A Flat Rate Retainer Fee and that’s it

Most of our clients pay an agreed retainer fee of between £85 and £95 each month for a complete accounting service.

Once we have agreed the fee … that’s it. No more unexpected accounting bills in the post for services and disbursements you never realised you would be charged extra for.

We do review our charges on an annual basis and make small incremental increases inline with the rate of inflation. We also reserve the right to charge separately for additional services you may ask us to undertake from time to time, such as providing references for lenders and suppliers, helping you defend a tax investigation, buying or selling a business, or advising you complex inheritance and capital gains computations to name but a few. Essentially though, you will find you will pay the same monthly fee year in, year out. It work’s for us and we don’t receive any complaints about our fee levels from our clients who receive a fair accounting service for a very pleasing low price.

When you engage MAAP we will agree a set retainer fee with you. You will pay the agreed amount by standing order on the 1st of the month for the services provided in the previous month.

This will normally include general book-keeping services, quarterly VAT, monthly payroll, annual accounts and your business and personal self assessment tax returns.

We do not charge extra for providing general advice on business and tax matters. We do reserve the right to charge you for trade references for mortgages or suppliers.

Our letter of engagement will set out in more detail what services are, and are not, included in our engagement.

We will continue to provide these services each month until either party terminates the arrangement. No notice on your side is required.

The accounting function is now an all-year-round process and rarely does a month goes by without the need for us to carry out some work on your personal or business affairs.

You should understand the monthly retainer fee we charge is a non-refundable payment for the services we carried out for you in the previous month. It should not be viewed as an advance payment in either part or whole for future work we may have carried out had the engagement continued.

When you terminate our arrangement, we will normally agree to bring your affairs up to a mutually convenient date and pass that information onto your next accountant if that is required. There may be an additional charge for completing that work.

Free One Hour Consultation

If you are looking for an accountant we would appreciate the opportunity to show you why MAAP would be a good choice.

You can either call us on 01202 482121 and have a long chat about your situation over the telephone, or indeed just make an appointment to meet us.

Either way, your call will be treated in the strictest confidence, and we do not follow up any enquiries once made.

Client Case Studies

It is important to match your needs with an accounting firm that has experience of dealing professionally with your sector.

Match one of the client profiles below, and you will know we can deliver the service you need at the fee level stated.

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