Method Statements & Risk Assessment Statements

As a traditionally trained audit specialst, it may not seem immediately obvious that writing up method statements and risk assessments is a natural progression of the audit skills we have honed over the years.

As it happens, the priciples behind method planning, sourcing resources, critical pathway analysis and risk analysis are the same for every project one might consider undertaking. Albeit we accept that planning the audit of plc might be a little different to building a new leisure complex in Bournemouth.

So … we rely upon you to supply the knowledge of the specialist skills relevant to the project you are pitching for. We are the first to admit the only wall we ever bricked up, fell down a few hours later.

We do know, however, how to write up a method statements that will convince your potential clients you may know how to do what they want, which is what the game is all about.

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Many of our clients approach us the very first time they ever meet the requirement to prepare a method statement admitting they don’t have a clue where to start. We have also assisted the drawing up of quite complex statements that require in depth costing information for larger building contractors.

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Your calls will be treated in the strictest confidence, as we understand the tendering process is often very confidential.

Client Case Studies

It is important to match your needs with an accounting firm that has experience of dealing professionally with your sector.

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