RTI Payroll Services in Bournemouth and Christchurch

MAAP Accountants offer employers a comprehensive out-sourced payroll service for employers who would rather divest themselves of the need to try and keep abreast of the regulations and compliance issues involved of running a payroll.

The fact that from 5th April 2015 the HMRC will apply monthly £100 late filing penalties for small employers (less than 50 employees) is a wake up call for everyone to review how they operate their payroll process. The penalties start even earlier for larger employers (from 5th October 2014).

If you recognise that you and your staff could put their time to better use other than struggling to run the payroll function each month, then please give us a call on 01202 482121.

We have a simple solution that reduces your involvement to just emailing us how much to pay your employees at least three working days before you intend to pay them. Our software calculates the payroll and submits the relevant returns to the HMRC obtaining electronic receipts as proof of delivery. We email you back the payslips and summaries to you.

It means a lot less work and headaches for you. You receive emailed payslips and payroll summaries ahead of your payroll pay date, which serve the dual purpose of providing proof that the correct RTI-payroll returns have been made to the HMRC (no penalties) … and you no longer have to waste resources on training staff to operate expensive payroll software, which means our low monthly fees often represent a sensible and significant cost saving solution for you.

Our 2014/2015 fees are:

  • A flat fee of £40 for the initial setting up of the payroll when you first commission us.
  • We charge the higher of £36 per month or £2 per payslip.
  • We don´t charge for joiners and leavers.
  • We don´t charge for producing the various April year end reports.

If this is a service you would like to learn more about, please call us on 01202 482121.

Client Case Studies

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