Sage Courses and Training in Bournemouth and Christchurch

We started out by training other accountants on how to use Sage accounting and payroll software when they established their market lead two decades ago.

Sage also sells one of the market leading financial accounts production software MAAP originally helped conceive and develop. We also started the Accountants Support Club for TAS Software, a division of Sage.

So if we write the software and actually teach the trainers, then when we run a Sage accounting or Sage payroll training course in Bournemouth or Christchurch you can be confident we will teach you what you really need to know. We run introductory Sage courses that teach basic computerised book-keeping techniques, or we can instruct you on advanced configuration of Sage accounting software to better match the reporting needs of your business, not to mention making sure you put into place a sensible disaster recovery plan.

There isn´t anything difficult about learning how to use Sage software. Their manuals are written in Plain English and they are easy to understood if you already possess a grounding in basic book-keeping theory. Their telephone and on-line support is first class.

There is also a tremendous amount of free training material that can be readily accessed online. All this means that should you be thinking of buying Sage, you will experience little difficulty in quickly coming to grips with how to operate the software.

The one area that catches a lot of people out, is failing to understand the importance of introducing the new checks and accounting controls you will need to ensure that all transactional information is completely captured and accurately posted into Sage. Once the accurate data is in, the reports you can generate from Sage can transform the way you run your business, all with just a few clicks from your mouse.

If you are thinking of upgrading or indeed buying any kind of accounting software, we will be pleased discuss your options with you. Free of charge and without any obligation. Call 01202 482121.

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Learning how to use Sage may be easy - Making it produce accounts for you isn’t!

So before you take the next step, we feel it is important to dispel a few myths about off-the-shelf accounting software.

Don´t attend Sage Software training courses - bring the trainers to you.

It may seem strange for a Sage Trainer to suggest it, but nonetheless we don´t recommend you waste your time and money attending one of the many Sage Software courses. All they can ever do is teach you the same generalised theory you can just as easily pick up for free by reading the manuals or visiting YouTube. What you really need is on the job software and systems training that is customised to accommodate the book keeping processes that you work with every day in your own office.

For example, what´s the point of attending a course where the syllabus requires that you spend half a morning learning about how to create a sale´s invoice template in Sage Line 50 if you are never going to use it?

What might be more useful is learning how to reconfigure the default nominal ledger on your PC, in your office, to match the reporting needs of your business.

The default account list that comes out of the box is so general it is almost next to useless. Spend a few hours customising the accounts list and reporting formats and before you know it, you will be running off meaningful weekly accounting reports for the management.

Of course, if you do happen to want to make use of Sage´s very powerful sales invoice templates and sales ledger credit control letters, we will be very happy to show you how to do that as well.

The way to work with any accounting software is to learn about the functions you can make use of, and then ignore the rest.

Don´t underestimate the costs involved

Sage has never been cheap, but the price you pay for the software will still be the smallest part of the final cost of successfully implementing a computerised accounting system - even for small businesses. It will cost you far more to run a Sage-based accounting system compared to a manual spreadsheet approach simply because you will need more skilled book-keepers, who come at a premium. If you and your staff don´t know what you are doing, you can easily treble your year end accounting bill as your accountant will charge you for the time they take to sort out the mess you have created.

Thinking you can learn on the job rarely works. Calling in an experienced small business accountant like MAAP who knows how to configure and fine tune Sage for any kind of business, can make sure you start out on the right track and avoid the common mistakes the unwary make. Get it right and accounting software can pay you dividends, both figuratively and literally speaking. Get it wrong and it may cost you far more than your think.

Rubbish in - Rubbish out

As accountants we see the same problem occur all too often. A client decides to introduce Sage for all the right reasons, but in the act of integrating the new software they dismantle all of their pre-existing controls and checks to ensure they capture and process all of the transactional information completely and accurately into their accounting records.

If you don´t develop new accounting controls around your new Sage software, all that happens is you start posting incomplete and inaccurate information into the system - hence the title rubbish in, rubbish out.

MAAP can quickly help you to establish the checks and controls you need to put in place to make sure your Sage accounting software actually will maintain and produce meaningful accounting records you can rely upon. The reward for taking the trouble to make sure the data input is accurate and complete comes in the form of outputting reliable business management reports anytime you need them.

The Benefits of a computerised accounting system

Improved credit control is the first advantage most people notice once they deploy Sage. The sales ledger reporting options are truly first class, and so is the ability to set-up and run off personalised debt-collecting letters. You can write different letters for different aged debtors, making the whole process of collecting in money from late-paying customers a little more efficient.

If you have taken the trouble to customise the nominal ledger accounts list and related financial reporting templates, you can generate some pretty sophisticated management accounting reports that has relevance to even the smallest of businesses. If you can accurately identify your year to date sales, purchases, overheads, gross and net profits … it naturally follows you are much better placed to make more informed decisions about the running of your business.

If you are thinking of upgrading or indeed buying any kind of accounting software, we will be pleased discuss your options free of charge and without any obligation. Call 01202 482121.

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