Selling your Business

Planning the sale of a business should be planned in advance so you can secure the best possible selling position.

It is easy to overlook so many little points that can weaken negotiations that lead to the agreement of the final selling price.

Adjusting the way you plan your operations in the lead up to a sale can make your business look a whole lot more marketable. Looking to optimise staff levels and making sure you have the optimum skills in-house for continuity after the sale is one set of objectives. Reducing stock levels, debtors and creditors are another. There are many more.

MAAP can help you plan your exit strategy and work with your other advisers to make sure you achieve the best solution for your sale.

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Client Case Studies

It is important to match your needs with an accounting firm that has experience of dealing professionally with your sector.

Match one of the client profiles below, and you will know we can deliver the service you need at the fee level stated.

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