Start-ups and Company Formations

If you are considering starting a new business, or forming a new company, in Christchurch or Bournemouth then take advantage of our free one hour consultation. You can either talk to us over the telephone on 01202 482121 or make an appointment to come in and meet us.

You will quickly discover what we have to say about the different ways you might go about setting up your new business is worth listening to.

We can help you through the early stages of deciding whether it is best to start trading as a company or remain as a sole-trader or partnership. The choice is not always as obvious as you may think. The tax saving angle will probably be the deciding factor, and at the moment forming a company gives the best tax breaks for most people.

There are, however, other equally important considerations you should take into account in making your decision, and we are always willing to explain them to you in our first free consultation.

Our advisers have also tucked away of lot of business life experiences and more importantly created successful businesses from scratch themselves in the past. We are always happy to pass on that experience and hopefully save you making the same mistakes they made the first time around.

Company Formations

Nothing is more frustrating for us than to learn a new client has paid over the odds for setting up a company when it only costs £15 and five minutes if you visit the Companies House website and do it yourself.

It is true you would be wise to take some professional advice from us, or a solicitor, before leaping in with your credit card and forming a company. We can tell you for free all you need to know in five minutes flat to allow you to make a rational decision on what you should do next. Call us on 01202 482121.

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The MAAP Business Start-up Advisory Service

We have prepared more cash flow forecasts and business plans than we have eat hot dinners. Need we say more.

The same goes for advising clients on purchasing a business and/or carrying out due diligence reviews.

The last thing you need when you´re getting your new business off the ground is to be distracted and become bogged down with all the legal and regulatory compliance issues you need to address.

On the other hand, making the wrong choice or failing to notify the correct authority can cause all sorts of unnecessary complications later on. Most can be sorted out relatively easily later on. Some wrong decision, especially on tax matters, can cost you very dearly indeed.

So make sure you seek proper advice from an expert team like MAAP has to offer.

We can certainly advise you on whether you should start trading as a sole-trader, partnership or a company.

It is rather obvious we would like to offer our very inexpensive book-keeping and accounting services

What may surprise you is that we also run a web and marketing company that can help you promote your business. With clients that include banks, car manufacturers, and even other firms of accountants you may conclude we might know a thing or two that might help you as well.

The choices you make in the first few months of trading will help define how successful you are. Let MAAP help you make the right ones.

Low cost accounting and financial reporting

We offer a complete accounting service that begins with low cost, out-sourced book-keeping for small businesses. The service includes the preparation of the annual financial statements, accounting records, as well as your personal self assessment tax returns. Costs can be as low as £70 a month.

If you are a business that prefers to prepare its own accounting records (manual or computerised) we are quite happy to take in your books at the end of the year, and draw up the required financial statements and tax returns to be filed with Companies House and the Inland Revenue respectively.

We also have the IT expertise to design and build computerised financial reporting systems for organisations of all sizes looking to optimise their management reporting potential using most of the common accounting packages.

Business tax and cash flow planning

If there is one thing businesses fail to do on a regular basis is budget for the payment of their tax liabilities.

Most of us have experienced the mild degree of panic that sets in once you learn the real magnitude of the tax bill you face. How much better it would be if you were kept informed of your potential tax liability throughout the year so you could better budget for the payments as and when they fall due.

In you´re a sole-trader or in partnership then it will be the first payment of your self assessment tax in the January following the end of your first accounting period to 5th April you will need to plan for. What most people don´t realise if that tax payment will include paying 50% again on top of your actual tax bill as a payment on account. It can really hurt if you have not budgeted for it.

Then there other tax considerations such as National Insurance, and IR35 if you operate as a personal service company. The Settlement Rules are another area that can lead the unwary into swinging back duty assessments if you have been a little too generous distributing your income to your spouse to avoid tax.

MAAP can work with you to keep track of the various tax returns and payment due dates so you can better plan to comply with them.

VAT and Payroll

Although the Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise offer free training sessions, telephone support lines and informative websites, the operation of some aspects of VAT and payroll can be confusing ... even to accountants.

So if you do happen to get it all wrong, it will of course cost you more to put it right.

There is no substitute for having professional and qualified experts like MAAP to carry out the work for you, and ensure you comply with new regulations as they come into force, such as the RTI-payroll reporting regime.

Talk to us about out-sourcing your quarterly VAT book-keeping and weekly/monthly payroll runs. We will surprise you how cost effective we are.

IT consultancy and Accounting Software (Especially Sage)

We have actually designed and written software sold by Sage and TAS. So you would be correct to assume we know what we are talking about when it comes to advising you on the accounting software you may be thinking of acquiring to run your accounting function.

We are in a position to offer impartial advice about the purchase and implementation of many off-the-shelf accounting packages.

We can also give professional advice about integrating back office accounting systems with Internet e-commerce solutions. We have overseen the creation of some pretty sophisticated e-commerce systems in our time.

We are confident we can save you a lot of wasted time and effort if you consult us first on your IT matters.

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Client Case Studies

It is important to match your needs with an accounting firm that has experience of dealing professionally with your sector.

Match one of the client profiles below, and you will know we can deliver the service you need at the fee level stated.

Call 01202 482121 for a free consultation.

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