The complete Book-Keeping and Year End Accounting Service from £70 per month

We offer a complete book-keeping and annual year-end accounting service to all sole traders, partnerships and small to medium companies not requiring an audit. We often deal with manual incomplete records or accounting records produced on Sage. We also have worked with main frame systems operated by our larger clients.

We recognise that the demand for low-cost, one-stop, book-keeping and year end accounting service is on the increase. So we have invested in the required technology and refined our methods of working so that we can deliver the kind of service you are looking for, at a price you are prepared to pay.

Start-ups or Established - We will impress

The last thing you need when you´re starting a new business is to be distracted by all the paperwork. If you are an established business, we don´t have to tell you how easy it is to lose hours each week writing up the books, often after everyone else has long since gone home.

In both cases, you know your time would be better spent focusing on the core business and developing the new sales opportunities that come your way.

So allow MAAP to free you up to do just that. Relieving you of all the mundane book-keeping work, and looking after the year end accounts and tax just makes sense. Especially when we can deliver the combined book-keeping and year end accounts service at such a low cost.

How can we deliver at these prices?

Our efficiency saving comes from effectively deploying the same software we have developed for mainstream software companies like Sage. We know precisely what we are doing and how to go about it.

Secondly, there is no substitute for years of experience of working with clients like you. We know how to deal with the odd new challenge a client can sometimes throw at us.

Thirdly, we have stripped back the service to the bare bones. We will of course still continue to deliver reliable accounting records that will satisfy any HMRC compliance visit. We have just cut out the expensive parts such as the High Street office. If you won´t miss the brass plate, we look forward to talking to you. Call 01202 482121.

Client Case Studies

It is important to match your needs with an accounting firm that has experience of dealing professionally with your sector.

Match one of the client profiles below, and you will know we can deliver the service you need at the fee level stated.

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